About us

Arıkan Milling Machinery has been set up in 1981. First of all, the company started with producing variuos milling machines, and set up flour plants untill 1995. After that, the company have decided to manufacture the one and only grain seperator topflight in Turkey since 1995. Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan and Senegal are the contries we export. It gives the best quality service to its customers.

Arıkan Machinery

Which products are used

Sunflower Seeds
Arıkan Machinery

How does machine perform product cleaning?

At the begining, dust, chaff, husk, small hayseed,sunn pest wheat are seperated with air systems due to aspirator involved. After that, cleaned products are carried to sieve case on the purpose of cleaning the stone and remained trash with cribration system. Herewith, great clarifying occurs. At the same time, the machine serves as radial tarar.

Arıkan Machine Features

  • It meets its own air needs with its air aspirator system.
  • It provides complete separation of wheat from unwanted substances such as stone, powder, straw, husk, weed seeds, broken and sunflower wheat.
  • It provides energy saving with its low energy consumption. It also undertakes the task performed by the radial scan.

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